Konstantine Theodor CFP®, LLB, MBA

Executive Financial Consultant

As a financial advisor who is also a lawyer with an MBA in business strategy, Konstantine's unique value proposition is his comprehensive understanding of the legal, financial, and strategic aspects of wealth management. He has a deep understanding of the complex legal and financial regulations that affect investments, taxes, and estate planning. This allows him to provide clients with comprehensive advice and solutions that are legally compliant and tax-efficient. Konstantine's background in business strategy also allows him to help clients create personalized financial plans that align with their long-term goals and business objectives.

Konstantine's ability to provide integrated legal and financial advice can help clients navigate legal challenges related to estate planning, business succession, and asset protection. He helps clients create strategic plans for their businesses and investments that maximize their financial returns. By the integration of legal, financial, and strategic advice, Konstantine can provide a bespoke experience to his clients that encompasses all areas of financial planning.